About Us

Hello,welcome to Bajun Sword Shop,we focus on serving Japanese samurai sword collectors,martial artists and sword lovers.We sell all kinds of katana,you can find the samurai sword you want here.

The samurai swords was made by our master.We sell authentic Japanese samurai swords,Chinese swords,high-end samurai swords custom-made and special weapons.

All of our swords are designed in Japan and forged in longquan.The city of longquan has a history of more than 2000 years of forging cold weapons,our enthusiasm for samurai sword and Japanese culture is huge,at the same time we also have many of the traditional Chinese sword and cold weapons.We hope to share it with our friends who love swords through our website.

We provide different steel products,such as T10 steel,pattern steel,high manganese steel,spring steel,etc.If you have unique requirements for steel,you can contact us.We provide personal customization,and happy to serve you.

We hope you can come to our website and appreciate the sword.If you like our swords,you can buy a beautiful sword.Any questions about swords,you can contact us.We are always here.